Corded or Cordless: Which Kind of Handheld Vacuum is Best for You?

It’s been quite a while since handheld vacuums have been introduced to the public. Although there are arguably hundreds of makes and models which have been introduced in the past and available in the present, not all of them will suit you depending on your current situation.

Due to the competition of various home appliance companies, there are seemingly endless options for you to look at and fall into analysis paralysis. If figuring out the suction power of your vacuum is important to you, the way to find this out for sure is to take a look at the motor power rating. The higher the rating typically will mean the vacuum has more suction power.

Well that will help you sort out specific vacuum cleaners, but what about general categories? This will again be a matter of personal preference and of what (or where) exactly you’ll be using it.



One type of hand held vacuum cleaner is corded models. The primary advantage of this type of hand held vacuum is that more often than not it will give you much more power than one which requires a charge, and will remain suctioning at that power level the entire time you’re using it. Most hand held vacuums that need to be charged will last anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes before the suction power starts to drop off considerably, which may contribute to your decision.

Corded vacuums obviously bring with them the hassle of having to constantly be near an outlet to be using it, but this might not be an issue at all for you depending on where you plan to use it primarily. The cord can also get in your way the same way it does with a standard vacuum cleaner. The weak spot of corded models obviously is their more limited mobility, however they make up for this with reliable, constant power which is a bit stronger.



Obviously the corded vacuums counterpart would be the cordless hand held vacuum!

Although you do lose out on some additional suction power that the corded model provides, this might not be an issue at all to you if like most people you have a regular vacuum cleaner which you use for major vacuuming.

Most people in fact keep a handheld vacuum simply to deal with very minor spills and messes which a cordless vacuum cleaner can be brought in to take care of at a moments notice.

Keep in mind however that you’re looking at only about 5 – 10 minutes of full suction power, and then at least 30 – 60 minutes or so of charging to get back to this point. Once the vacuums battery is running low, you’re going to notice because of how the noise and power it produces begins to gradually slow down. This all however may not be a problem if you’re just going to be using it for the smallest of messes around the house on the fly.



So there you have it. Although we could sit around all day breaking down subcategories of those above, the question of whether to go with a corded or cordless hand held vacuum is a solid place to start and will drastically reduce the options you’ll have to wade through.

Once you’ve decided this, you can take a look at individual handheld vacuum reviews in order to figure out which specifically fits your needs.