Dirt Devil Accucharge Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum, BD20035RED

Dirt Devil Accucharge Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum, BD20035REDThe Dirt Devil vacuum is just an exceptional stick vacuum cleaner that boasts both its cleaning performance and the smart AccuCharge system, the manufacturer’s prime selling point. Providing a satisfactory bare floor performance, this vacuum features the system that alerts users to notice when the unit’s battery gets full. As soon as the battery is fully charged, it automatically reduces the inflow of current to a trickle, meaning that users can maintain the battery’s charge without having to over heat it. Ultimately, it extends the unit’s service life. When it comes to small bits of debris and dirt, such as small seeds, dust, bread crumbs, and other particles, the unit is equipped with strong features to handle them well. The unit also proves to be efficient in removing pet hair much like a professional grade vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning performance:

Typically, most Dirt Devil Vacuum reviews target at revealing the actual truth behind its performance on carpets. In spite of including a motorized brush, the unit seems to struggle in cleaning carpets which have thick fibers. However, when you put it into use on thin carpet, you will get enough to smile. The machine is said to show better results when used on flat area rugs as patterned rugs may not be cleaned so well. If your stairs are above 40 inches long, you can still use the machine for cleaning. The motorized brush can satisfactorily remove pet hair on both carpet and bare floors. Many customers have clearly stated that this vacuum is more of a floor vacuum than anything else. It means that the unit includes only an accessory that can be used on floors only.


The easy 8-step filter clean-up procedure:

There are eight easy-to-follow steps involved in the filter clean-up process. The process is stated in the following:

  • Removal of the dust cap.
  • Disassembly of the filter.
  • Separation of the filter screen right from the filter.
  • Cleaning of the filter and the screen.
  • Emptying of the dirt container.
  • Reassembly of the filter.
  • Attachment of the assembly in the canister.
  • Attachment of the canister on the unit’s body.

Battery life and warranty:

There are mixed reviews of the battery life the vacuum cleaner renders. Some users said they could have used the machine for only five minutes while others indicated they could have used the vacuum for more than half an hour. However, most users agree that the unit works quite nicely without any inconsistency for at least 20 minutes. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the motor and parts of the vacuum cleaner. The two-year warranty can be a positive aspect of the deal.

Major features:

  • Foldable handle to reduce storage footprint and space
  • Accucharge system that uses up to 70% less energy
  • See-through dirt canister
  • Allergen filtration
  • A motorized brush which can easily be turned on or off
  • A head that can be swiveled
  • Motorized brush roll to assist cleaning carpet
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Swivel feature to ease out the hassles of maneuvering
  • Removable canister
  • 6-hour charging time without requiring users to overcharge the battery
  • Self-standing charger
  • A 15.6-volt nickel cadmium battery


What are the possible downsides?

Like each and every canister vacuum, both high priced and low priced, this vacuum cleaner also suffers from a few limitations which are noticeable in some Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum reviews. Many users have held the idea that such a vacuum should not contain a nickel cadmium battery charger. But, the complaint may not stand strongly since the unit comes with an Energy Star rated charger, meaning that it uses less electricity when compared to any charger that has no energy star rating. Contrary to the bagless system, the main filter which cannot be washed seems to be a downside for many users as some reported that they had to replace the filter after every 3 months provided they would love to maintain great performance.


Final verdict:

Seemingly, the vacuum comes with more negative aspects than positive ones, but you need to understand why there are so many users still giving their rave reviews of the unit. Well, that is the above average performance on various types of surfaces and an extended lifetime can be the reasons why you will want to buy it. To know more about the Dirt Devil vacuum, watch this video: