Which Are the Most Popular Hand Held Models?

The hand held device that you choose for your home or your vehicle will likely depend on how much you want to pay for it and what features are the most important to you. If you are looking for the one vacuum cleaner that does it all, you just might not find it, but you will find something that meets at least most of your needs at a fair price.

The following are some of the popular handheld vacuum cleaner that are available in the market now:

The Eureka 71B Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best selling electric models. It is strong enough to vacuum carpet and has a built-in Riser Visor for carpeted stairs. There is also an onboard crevice tool and a 20-foot cord that makes it convenient for large areas. It has a bagless filter and a clear dust cup so you can see when you need to empty it.

One of the most popular cordless models is the Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster. This has a slim nozzle that will let you get into tiny areas and has a reach that is 50 percent further than previous designs. There is an attached brush and crevice tool that will make cleaning your car seats a breeze, and the wide mouth will allow you to pick up large amounts of debris in seconds. For a cordless model, this is one is extremely powerful.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, 33A1 is designed for homes with pets and is remarkably powerful at getting dog and cat hair off of the carpet, furniture, or even your pet! This model comes with a one-year limited warranty and is designed specifically for pet hair pick-up. It has an interchangeable hard nozzle and a rubber contour nozzle that will make cleaning almost anything very simple. It is small (10” x 5” x 8”) and has a built-in HEPA filter and filter screen.

The Dyson DC31 Hand Held Animal Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed for homes with a lot of animal hair. It uses its patented root cyclone technology to get constant suction and amazingly powerful hair removal. It weighs in at less than three pounds and comes with a two-year warranty. Its HEPA filter will help keep your air cleaner and ensure that no allergens are released.


How Should You Care for Your Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner?

Most hand held vacuums are very easy to care for, but if you are buying one that is battery-operated, you should pay close attention to the manner in which you charge it. Many people fail to charge their battery in the correct manner and don’t get the vacuuming results that they are looking for. Each manufacturer and model has their own particular instructions on how to charge the unit, and they should be adhered to as closely as possible.

If you are choosing a wet/dry vacuum, then it goes without saying that you need to clean it out after each use or else odors and mold may start to appear. With a normal dry vacuum, you should empty it out often and make sure that the filter is clean at all times.

When you are struggling with the machine or find that it is not working as well as you had hoped, the first place you should go to is the manufacturer. They may be able to help you with the problems you are having or even provide you with a new machine. Most locally owned vacuum repair companies will also have no problem repairing your machine if it is made by one of the major manufacturers.