Why Portable Vacuum Cleaner?

If you have kids and pets, you absolutely need to have a portable vacuum cleaner on hand. If you lead a simplified life without kids and pets living in your home with you, you likely would also benefit from having one of these handy cleaning devices available in your home, too.

After all, most people create messes on their own in their cars, spill things from time to time throughout the house, and more. Who wants to get out that clunky, old, plug-in vacuum and mess with unwinding the cord, finding an available outlet, and more? If your mess is small, you will have gone through all of that hassle for under a minute of cleaning time!

With a portable vacuum cleaner, you have a lightweight and often cordless alternative to cleaning up those small messes. This is a cleaning machine that is designed to be used with speed for small messes so you truly do not have to get that big vacuum out of the closet for a 60-second clean-up job.

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Features of Portable Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different types of portable vacuum cleaner styles, and you will find that their price ranges span from about $50 to over $200. These vacuums are available in more general use styles as well as for use in specific areas such as the car, the garage, and more.

Some are wet-dry vacs, which are designed for use on hard floor surfaces such as tile and laminate flooring. For the most part, they generally weigh under five pounds, but some are slightly heavier. Some have attachments to provide you with the ability to do a more thorough cleaning job while others are a basic vacuum without attachments.

Many of the battery-operated models come with a recharging feature, and many can be easily stored in a pantry or closet on a recharging station or post. The fact is that with so many different portable vacuum cleaner models available, these machines are truly both versatile and functional!


A Look at the Different Types of Vacs Available

If you are considering getting one of these handy machines, you will want to spend time considering the different types that are available. Here are some things to consider for each type:

  • In-Home Dry Vac. These are generally hand-held cleaners that can be plug-in or cordless, and they are designed to clean up small, dry messes.
  • In-Home Wet/Dry Vac. These are similar to the dry vac varieties, but can be used to clean up wet or dry spills. Think about things like a spilled bowl of cereal, muddy footprints with clumps of dirt and splotches of water, and more.
  • Auto Vac. These may be cordless, but generally they have a plug that fits a car adapter. So with this in mind, they generally aren’t versatile for both car and home use. They are great for cleaning up messes in the car.
  • Garage Vacs. These vacuums are generally more heavy duty and powerful in design and are capable of picking up larger debris. These can be found in both dry and wet/dry models.