Pros and Cons of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

If you are considering purchasing one of these intelligent cleaning devices i.e. robot vacuum, you certainly want to take some time to learn more about them. Since they are rather new to the market, many people are not fully educated about their capabilities and limitations.

robot vacuums

While each of the models is slightly different in design and features, here are some general factors to keep in mind about robotic vacuum cleaner models:

  • Many people worry about these machines running into walls, scuffing furniture, or falling down the stairs and breaking. However, the sensors in these machines generally keep them approximately one inch or so away from walls, furniture, and stairs.
  • Spot Cleaning. Because of how the sensors work, these machines do have a tendency to miss cleaning close to your baseboards, right up to the base of your furniture, and other such areas. They are largely great for cleaning the large areas of your home, but you may find that you need to bring out your traditional vacuum from time to time to spot clean near furniture, baseboards, and more.
  • Advanced Models. Some of the most advanced models available, which also tend to be the pricier models, do have features that allow the machine to travel under furniture and right into room corners and along baseboards without scuffing these areas.
  • Powerful Cleaning. For the most part, these intelligent machines are loaded with innovative cleaning technology that works to pick up dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris with ease.
  • A robotic vacuum cleaner is generally priced close to the cost of a high-end traditional vacuum cleaner. These machines are not yet available under $100, so they may be priced outside of the budget of some people.
  • Hands-Free Cleaning. Some of these machines require you to get the cleaning job started, and then you can walk away from the machine and essentially forget about the task as you go about your day. Other machines can be programmed to start and stop cleaning at a certain time. Both of these options give you a hands-free cleaning experience, which is a convenience for most people.
  • Multi-Level Home. If you have a two-story home, a three-story town home, or some other multi-level home, you may want to consider the fact that a robotic vacuum cleaner cannot maneuver up and down the stairs. If you have multiple levels, you will either need to buy multiple machines or otherwise make the effort to transport your vacuum between the levels in your home on a regular basis.

As you consider whether this type of cleaning machine is right for you, you should take these attributes listed above into consideration. Most people will consider all of the benefits that such a machine can offer to them and will decide that these benefits are worth the financial cost of the machine.